The Hearing: Brett Kavanaugh

Well, it is a Rorschach test. I saw Brett Kavanaugh as angry, defensive, often out of control. I’m sure Republicans, and Trump personally, were glad to see him fighting back. I think Kavanaugh is hardly credible. He argued with the questioners, barked back at them about their drinking habits. Doesn’t look like a Supreme Court justice to me.

The prosecutor started off asking him questions, but the Republicans dropped her like a hot potato. Not helping them much.

Kavanaugh avoided most difficult Democratic questions, and got emotional and hostile in the process.

That unleashed Lindsey Graham, Trump defender par excellence. Graham’s performance was ugly. Republican men have learned something from the Anita Hill hearings — not to attack the woman directly. So Graham attacked Diane Feinstein, his colleague. Then he raged and sneered at his Republican colleagues for even thinking of voting against Kavanaugh.

Off the rails. Utterly off the rails. Our politics have come to this.



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