Laughing at Trump

Delegates to the U.N. General Assembly laughed when Trump ticked off his wildly inflated accomplishments during his chance to address the group. Those are the lines Trump’s rally audiences in the South and Midwest love the most, the lines they cheer. The U.N. delegates didn’t cheer. They laughed.

Trump hardly ever speaks to people other than his adoring base, friends and family, or Fox news — all of whom have a vested interest in kowtowing to his fantasy world. The delegates had no such interest, and they let him know what they think of him. Not much.

4 thoughts on “Laughing at Trump

  1. I watched it live while in China It was incredible. The leaders of the world laughing at the buffoon in the highest position in the world and at our nation for electing him. It’s a tragedy.

  2. And then he tried to weasel out of it by saying it was something positive.
    True-to-form Trump. But his press conference yesterday beat all.

  3. for Katie: They did laugh, and clearly at him, not with him. He is a laughingstock. And his supporters don’t see it.

  4. for Phyllis:His followers apparently like the self-centered stream of consciousness. I miss President Obama’s elegant rhetoric, his ability to inspire, his use of words to unite rather than divide. I miss a lot about the Obama presidency, but the degradation of language under Trump is one of the greatest losses.

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