Actual Size of Trump’s Base

I wonder, in a democracy, how Republicans control both houses of Congress, the presidency, and the Supreme Court when their actual support is pretty low.

CNN’s Grace Sparks has a very precise, quantitative measure of Trump/Republican support, these days “Trump” and “Republican base” are just about synonymous.

Here’s the summary:

The entire US population was about 318 million in 2016. Subtracting out those under the age of 18, the US voting age population in 2016 was approximately 244,807,000, according to the US Census figures. Exactly 136,669,237 people voted in the presidential election, according to the official results. That means approximately 55.8% of the population voted.
Of those, 62,984,825 voted for Trump and 65,853,516 voted for Hillary Clinton. As percentages, 25.7% of the US voting age population voted for Trump and 26.9% of the US population voted for Clinton.
Another 7,830,896 (3.2% of the US population) voted for third parties. That means 108,137,763, or about 44.2% of the population, didn’t vote.”
Basically, “no vote” won the presidential election. But since we can’t install “no vote”, we installed the guy with fewer popular votes but higher electoral college numbers. And how does that happen? I think it’s a combination of Republican gerrymandering, Koch money pouring in to state, local and federal races with increasing precision and sophistication, wealthy single issue voters like Sheldon Adelson trading unblinking support for Israel for Republican campaign contributions, zealous religious voters for whom abortion is the only relevant issue, and low IQ voters who mistake reality TV for the real thing.
If that’s what our democracy has come to, it’s not very inspiring, is it?

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