The Counties that Voted for Trump

The counties that voted overwhelmingly for Trump tend to be predominately white rural areas where people are poorer, sicker, and have less access to health care and social services, located in states that refused the Medicaid expansion. In return for those votes, Republicans in Congress and Trump keep promising to make access to health care even harder.

Why in the world do people vote against their own self-interests? I simply don’t get it. Does anyone?

2 thoughts on “The Counties that Voted for Trump

  1. To get a conservative Supreme Court that will repeal Roe vs. Wade? That would explain the Evangelical vote, but as for the rest, I don’t get it either.

  2. for Ada: Yes, controlling women’s sexuality is a big hit on the right. But Trump is still a reach, I’d say, even for that crowd … not that they put up much of a fight over having to stomach him.

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