Getting to Know Seattle: Amazon Test Site

One of the fun parts of living in a thriving tech city is that we get to be the test site for many of Amazon’s newest innovations.

The Klainer family had a comparable, although very low tech, experience back when we used to take family bike trips in Vermont with VBT, Vermont Bicycle Tours. Ben and Jerry’s, the beloved ice cream company, used to test out new flavors at their scoop shops in Vermont before releasing the most promising ones nationally. We got the jump on eating some great ice cream, and occasionally got to go thumbs down on a flavor we knew was too weird to go any farther. 🙂

Amazon’s test runs with last mile delivery, for example, means I might find an order on my doorstep early in the morning before I’m even fully up and running for my day. Who delivered the packages? I have no idea — but likely not FedEx or USPS or USP, who tend to come by later.

Another new service that I find fascinating is Amazon Prime Wardrobe. I don’t buy enough new clothes to justify adding this to my Prime purchases, but had it been available during my working years, I probably would have dressed better. I’m not a fan of shopping in person and quickly become frustrated when I don’t immediately see things that I like. Having items arrive at  home that I could have tried on at my leisure might have slowed the process down enough for me to make wiser purchases — or any purchases at all. I’m known for quickly walking out of a store if I don’t see possibilities right away. Digging through racks to uncover the hidden treasure is not my thing.

My former hometown of Rochester had once-innovative companies like Kodak and Xerox, but Seattle is the wave of the future in terms of testing out innovative products and services. Fun to be part of that.

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