Conscious Aging: Whew!

As I think I wrote about recently, routine blood work as part of my annual wellness visit turned up one number that was a little off — really very little, just one digit higher than the upward range. Didn’t seem like a big deal to me. Seemed like only a slightly bigger deal when my primary care doc requested a hematology consult, which I thought was prudent. Most of the hematology opinion came back unremarkable, but that doc requested one more blood test to be reviewed by a pathologist. That sounded like maybe a big deal.

Only it isn’t. I do have to have blood work every six months just to keep monitoring, but the pathology consult was unremarkable.

I feel quite well and vigorous, but this is a 73 year old body after all. I’m not unduly alarmed at one slightly off number, or at the need to keep monitoring. Nothing is perfect in life after all. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Whew!

  1. Glad to hear it! And the other thing, especially as we age, things can change in an instant – especially a fall! Husband of dear friend in Rochester, great athlete, age 76, skied every day in winter, golfed or played tennis in the good weather…fell six months ago while skiing. Shattered wrist and ankle, damaged shoulder. It’s been six months with one setback after another. Infection in hardware put in ankle; had to be removed. Walking compromised. I could go on, but you get what I mean.

  2. for Ada: I too have a couple of friends who’ve had bad biking accidents, and the broken bones and ligament damage lasted a long time. And then there was Brad Burke, a skilled cyclist, who went off the road and was left a quadriplegic. Scary stuff. I hate to have fear of falling limit my activities, but truth to tell it’s why I’ve stopped cross country skiing. Didn’t want to twist my knees in a fall.

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