Getting to Know Seattle: In Flight

Sometimes when a great photo opportunity is about to happen, seconds make all the difference between a great shot and no shot at all. I was walking around Green Lake when I saw a blue heron about to take flight. My phone was inside my jacket, in a zipper pocket, and I was carrying the jacket. I had to open the pocket, grab the phone, awaken the screen, touch the camera icon, and focus. I was just in time. Really happy with these pics.

4 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: In Flight

  1. for Joyce: That’s my favorite too. There was a shot just before, when the heron had spread its wings and leaned forward, but not yet left its footing in the mud beneath the lake. I missed that one, as my camera wasn’t yet in focus. But I did get this one. Seconds, as I said.Getting the shot is a matter of seconds.

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