The Kavanaugh Saga

I hope Dr. Blasey testifies next week, although I’ll understand if she doesn’t. I don’t think her testimony will make much difference because Republicans on the Judiciary committee have clearly already made up their minds. They want to push this nomination through regardless of any evidence to the contrary, and we’ll have two men on the Court credibly accused of sexual impropriety. I would like to hear what Dr. Blasey has to say. And, I suspect the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee will reveal themselves to be as out of touch, judgmental and dismissive as they were to Anita Hill.

There have been a flood of stories told by women who’ve been sexually assaulted, speaking out now in support of Dr. Blasey. Their stories answer the question “why didn’t she say something at the time?”.

Coming forward in real time is no guarantee of decent treatment, as this Washington Post story shows.

If this Kavanaugh nomination goes through, as it looks like it will, the credibility of the Court for me will be near zero. I wish the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee would boycott the vote. As a matter of fact, I wish all the Senate Democrats would refuse to show up on the day Kavanaugh is confirmed. Let’s be clear what this is: a Republican right wing justice, elevated to the Court to do the Federalist Society’s bidding.

I’m all in favor of a change to the constitution that would set term limits for Supreme Court justices — 12 years, 18 years — something that would ensure that presidents of all political stripes would be able to name justices but that there would be turnover. We shouldn’t be stuck with a Clarence Thomas, or a Brett Kavanaugh, for life.


2 thoughts on “The Kavanaugh Saga

  1. for Ada: I think it does work all around. And I’d even be willing to give up a future RBG in order to see the back end of a Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh.

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