Latent TB

I was exposed to live TB during my Peace Corps service from 1967-69, although I suspect our training experience in Puerto Rico where we stayed with local families for a short time could have been the culprit just as much as Panama. There was no antibiotic treatment protocol then. The Peace Corps physician, during my exit exam, simply said I should avoid people with live TB.

They don’t glow in the dark, so hard to do.

There is an arduous antibiotic treatment now, but the consensus of doctors whom I’ve asked is that 50 years on, with no symptoms, the treatment isn’t warranted.

This article in the New York Times suggests they are right, and I’m relieved.

2 thoughts on “Latent TB

  1. When my in law immigrated from the Philippines, he had evidence of calcified TB in his lung. The Dept of Health gave him 3 antibiotics for a year. Its rare today to see active TB Rarely do we see TB in the hospital. The cases we’ve seen are always in people that have recently been in a developing country. Some cases are not in the lung.

  2. for Katie: They still have a good bit of drug resistant TB in the public hospital where Minga is being treated — scares me to death to go there with her.

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