Finishing the Woodward Book

I’ve finished Bob Woodward’s book Fear, and the title is apt. Nothing in the book was a surprise; the gradually building story is devastating. This is a frightening account of a very limited, very damaged man with a feral cunning for manipulation who now occupies the most powerful job in the world — with few guard rails to keep him from wreaking havoc. Many of the people referenced in the book who were able to distract him and derail his worst impulses are gone: Rob Porter, Gary Cohn. The people who are left are, with few exceptions, enablers.

The other night Hillary Clinton was on Rachel Maddow’s show. Clinton repeatedly said things like “what are the facts?” and “where is the evidence?”. Trump values neither facts nor evidence. He has supreme confidence in his own instincts, no matter how misguided, ignorant, or foolish.

Will enough Trump voters come to their senses for the upcoming November election, and before the presidential election in 2020, to put an end to this disaster? We don’t know, do we?

4 thoughts on “Finishing the Woodward Book

  1. I am hoping that this Kavanaugh fiasco will help the Democrats. If Kavanagh goes down, the Evangelical Republicans will be angry and according to many commentators will stay home. If the GOP is able to push Kavanagh through, it will mobilize women and independents to get to the polls, according to the same commentators. Could the Gop really have a lose-lose? Hope so.

  2. After a week without mail or deliveries our copy of Fear finally arrived. We’ve heard a lot already but I’m sure there’s more detail and analysis. I really enjoyed Robert Costa’s interview with Woodward last Friday night on PBS’s Washington Week. It was the entire show and they have long been co-workers at WAPO, so it was a cut above the average segment we’ve been hearing.

  3. for Phyllis: Have been reading about the hog waste and coal ash going into the Cape Fear River. Is that the river that flows through Wilmington, where we had dinner the night I arrived?

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