Rachel Maddow on MSNBC

Rachel Maddow opened her Monday night program with a segment replaying the Anita Hill inquisition — plus a clip that hadn’t been shown before in which a much older Hill talks about how hard it was to have her 80 year old deeply religious parents in the Senate hearing room when she was forced to recount in excruciating detail the sexual harassing behavior of Clarence Thomas.

If anything, the segment made me even angrier now than I was in 1991. Shame on Joe Biden, Orin Hatch, Arlen Specter. Teddy Kennedy didn’t help much either — no doubt because he had his own sorry history with women to contend with.

Joe Biden should never run for president. His service to President Obama didn’t redeem him nearly enough from the Anita Hill debacle.

If Dems take the House, they should reopen the Clarence Thomas hearings — yes, all these years later — impeach that man and drag him off the Supreme Court.

And I wish Anita Hill would show up at the new hearings scheduled for the Kavanaugh nomination, when Dr. Ford testifies to some of the same old white men — Chuck Grassley being one — who attacked Hill. The Senators should have to look at Hill sitting behind Dr. Ford — it might jolt them into showing some basic respect.

4 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow on MSNBC

  1. Do you remember our Women’s Foundation Board meeting during the Anita Hill hearings? Members came in so distressed, and we spent half the meeting talking about it. Two issues:

    With 27 years gone by , MeToo, and all the other societal changes, I’m curious as to what these hearings will be like. All the senators will be on shaky ground. Kavanaugh needs to be “grilled” too.

    I wish the woman had made her decision to talk earlier. However, her lawyer says she had until very recently continued to say no, but that someone outed her. Who did that? I think this is information we need to know, but if this is accurate, it’s unfair to her.

  2. for Phyllis: I do. I was surprised at the level of re-awakened anger I felt watching the clip on Rachel Maddow. Shameful episode. Orin Hatch was particularly nasty. Re the current hearings, I’m hoping very much that other women who were at that party as high school girls will come forward. Even if they weren’t in the room, it would be corroboration of the party and Kavanaugh’s presence at it.

  3. for Phyllis: The visual of these old white men again taking on a victim of sexual abuse is very telling. And the words make it even worse.

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