The Pope Summons the U.S. Bishops

I feel generally well disposed toward Pope Francis, as I like his pastoral approach to the papacy instead of the patriarchal, rule-bound authoritarian approach of his two predecessors. He’s just summoned the U.S. bishops to Rome to talk about the ongoing pedophilia crisis.

As smart as Pope Francis is, he still doesn’t get it. The guys he called in are precisely the ones who have presided over this ongoing disaster — covering up abuse among their priests, some of the bishops abusers themselves — for the last several decades. That’s not even to mention the cover up of the abuse by nuns of children under their care in Catholic orphanages. Apparently the latter is not even on the agenda.

Until the Pope invites women and lay leaders to meet as equals in power with the bishops in solving this problem, it’s not going to go away.

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