News from South Carolina

Phyllis and Art checked in from South Carolina on Saturday evening — they were without power during the day, but it came back on late Saturday afternoon. They have no flooding in their immediate neighborhood, and no more than the usual downed limbs and random debris to be cleaned up and put out to the curb. They were very lucky. Wilmington North Carolina, about an hour north, did not fare nearly as well.

I think all of us who are their friends are relieved. In any of these natural disasters, I think it’s amazing how much difference a few miles or a few feet of elevation can make.

4 thoughts on “News from South Carolina

  1. Thanks for thinking and posting about us! We’ll probably get a few more days of on/off rain, but our area of the northern SC coast really escaped the worst of Florence, thanks to her turning west instead of moving south. It’s good to have power, a hot cup of coffee, and to start getting back to somewhat normal routines. But we feel for those along the NC coast who will be recovering for a long time.

    Pam, I’m wondering about the Pilot House restaurant where we ate after you landed at Wilmington. Being right along the river/waterfront, I expect they were flooded out.

  2. for Katie: Me too. The period of hours that I didn’t hear from them were quite worrisome. But all seems on the mend now, at least for them and their immediate neighbors.

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