Amazon Take Your Parents to Work Day

Take yourParents to Work Day was quite fun, although I only attended late afternoon. First I met up with Sara at the plaza in front of her building, where the AmazonGo store is located. This was her first time exploring the store too, so we were figuring out how it works simultaneously. We each used an app on our phones to enter — you have to have the app to go in, can’t go in as guest on someone else’s app. I carried the free orange Amazon bag for our purchases, Sara picked chips and salsa off the shelf [we were bringing some snacks to her team], put them in my bag, and I carried the bag through the exit.

We both assumed the items would show up on my credit card, but they appeared on Sara’s. That means the price scan happens at the point of pickup, not as you go through the exit. Sara and I were standing side by side and we both had our phones logged in when she picked the items off the shelf, so I have no idea how the scanner knew it was she and not me. She doesn’t work on this project, so she doesn’t either. Fascinating.

Right now AmazonGo is only in Seattle. The stores carry a variety of fresh items like fruit and yogurt and sandwiches and snacks, ready made meals that just need warming up, and drinks. The offerings looked very appealing, although we were headed other places and didn’t want to carry much. I think this will be a big success, and then you can go and try it out and let me know if you can figure out how they know who takes an item off the shelf.

Then we went upstairs to meet her team, which was having a party to celebrate visiting parents, and I had half a margarita. πŸ™‚ We added our chips and salsa to the mix.

We ended up at the new Spheres, a glass building with a tropical rainforest inside, a snack and coffee shop — and a trendy bar on the ground floor open to the street and the public. The Spheres is intended as an alternative work space, and it was quite remarkable.

The trendy bar was too packed for us to get in, so we headed back toward her car and nipped into happy hour at a restaurant near her building. I had two small plates for dinner — she was on her way home to have dinner with Ben — and she and I both had a glass of wine. This easy availability for good things that come up is the best part of Klainer West. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Amazon Take Your Parents to Work Day

  1. How awesome. I want my kids to bring me to work one day! What a fun experience. Sara has done well for herself, you are proud I know. She should be proud too. I hope my kids work somewhere cool, because that could be quite interesting with different jobs! Hahaaa

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