Making Life Imitate Fiction

If you were a moderately successful writer of romantic novels and were going to murder your husband, you wouldn’t publish a novel about murdering your husband — would you? Nor would you follow up with a blog post on the topic of how not to get caught.

Honestly, people are strange.

Said novelist, Nancy Crampton Brophy of Portland, Oregon, wrote both the novel and the blog post and is now under arrest for her husband’s murder.

Other than crimes done in the heat of passion and on the spur of the moment, I assume that planning a murder takes time. Writing a novel certainly does. And following up with a blog post giving your thinking on not being caught can hardly be categorized as impetuous.

Dumb? Probably not, as Ms. Brophy is smart enough to get her books published. Overwhelming desire to pay the piper for her crime? Maybe. Need to close the circle by having life imitate art?

As I said, people are strange.


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