Cruelty Trickles Down

Trump’s inherent cruelty — notable in 1999 when he withdrew medical benefits from a nephew’s child born with cerebral palsy because the nephew and his siblings sued over being cut out of Fred Trump’s estate — has long been visible and is visible now. How can anyone choose to live with this man, or work with him, or defend him? Regrettably, that cruelty is filtering down through our border patrol and immigration services.

Vulnerable and traumatized families attempting to gain asylum in this country — which they are entitled to do under the 1951 United Nations Convention and 1967 Protocol to which the United States is a signatory — are being treated with increasing brutality at our borders.

With Trump’s “crisis of the day” presidency, I’m afraid all of this is being lost in the shuffle. Over 500 children are still separated from their parents. The Department of Homeland Security is increasing the size of its internment camps designed to house children, over 12.000 of whom are in custody as we speak. And the treatment of defenseless families along the Texas-Mexico border — confining them in frigid cages and denying basic needs and comforts — is an international shame.

Is this really who we are?

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