My Copy of Bob Woodward’s Book Fear

My copy of Bob Woodward’s book Fear is arriving on Friday, in hard cover from Amazon. I have a busy weekend — my front landscaping is going in on Saturday and Else’s birthday is on Sunday — but I plan to spend every spare moment reading.

A million copies of the book have been printed in the first run. Hillary lost by 70,000 votes spread out over three states. I supposed a lot of the initial readers of the Woodward book were never Trump supporters in the first place, but I’m hoping it will be another dose of reality for those voters who have glimmerings of being fed up with the reality TV presidency. Nothing is final in politics, but Trump’s poll numbers are going down. People in farm states are being hurt by tariffs. Working class voters who got a small tax cut are finding it outweighed by rising health care costs. And for the rest of us, the constant drumbeat of turmoil, the dishonesty, the never ending sense of crisis, and Trump-the-wrecking-ball in the international community are getting very, very old.

Core Trump supporters who are all in with his Make America White Again agenda will likely stick with him. But those voters who took a chance on something new have to be wondering what they got in return for their vote. The Woodward book, I hope, will provide the answer.

4 thoughts on “My Copy of Bob Woodward’s Book Fear

  1. Art’s copy was to arrive today also, but since we haven’t gotten mail since Monday it probably won’t. What happened to the PO creed about “not wind, rain, hail…….will keep us from our appointed rounds?”

  2. for Phyllis: My copy is delayed a week. Not sure if it’s the storm, or backorders. Glad you’re still OK down there in storm country.

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