Rachel Maddow and Bob Woodward

Rachel Maddow, host of her own talk show on MSNBC, is really brilliant. Her 20 minute interview with Bob Woodward about his new book Fear was a treat. She asks really thoughtful questions, ones without obvious answers. She pulls disparate threads out of the air to make a coherent and compelling argument. Bob Woodward is no slouch either, and together they were riveting. I could have listened much longer.

Trump hates the new book. His funniest response is to claim that he is going to write the real book. Trump can’t write a paragraph; he even makes spelling and grammatical mistakes in his tweets. Does he really have a degree from Wharton, undergrad, not the biz school? His father Fred must have written a big check. Trump can barely read material that others have written for him. He can riff for 90 minutes or more, an incoherent rant that his incoherent supporters love. But write a book? Not a chance. And I can’t imagine him trusting a ghostwriter, someone to help him with the task, after the guys who did it in the past are all on CNN saying what a damaged soul he is.

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