Hurricane Florence

Friends Phyllis and Art live right in the path of Hurricane Florence’s projected landfall. For now they are sheltering in place, being just far enough from the coast to avoid storm surge. But all of that area is lowland, filled with canals and ponds and freshwater creeks that are vulnerable to flooding. They are stocked up and ready. Neighbors have generators, should the area lose power.

With 1.5 million people being told to evacuate and the storm expected to affect a  huge geographical area, getting in the car and driving many miles to safety — especially with a large old dog — is no easy prospect.

Hard decision, this one. I’m going to be worried about them until Phyllis is able to let me know that the danger has passed.

6 thoughts on “Hurricane Florence

  1. Pertinent poem I just came across (and shortened)

    “The water’s rising
    but we’re not drowning yet
    When we’re drowning
    We’ll do something—–
    When people are dying– no,-When people with wine cellars are dying
    We’ll build dams and dikes, put stilts o our V-8’s and golf courses
    etc We’ll grow wings, we’ll go to the moon. Soon

  2. for Linda: Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey shore in 2012, lots of beach communities saw houses completely washed away. Instead of thinking “hmmm… not a good place to rebuild”, homeowners put their new bungalows 20 feet up in the air on stilts. Looks seriously ridiculous. I just heard on CNN that toxic waste sites in the Carolinas are threatened. North and South Carolina have sought out these sites as profitable, along with pig waste ponds. Paying the piper now.

  3. Still here and well prepared, but the changing models are worrisome.
    BTW, for the first time in 20 years we no longer have a dog. Mattie got increasingly arthritic and we had to have her put to sleep mid-summer. Sad, but she was ready. Will keep you posted.

  4. for Phyllis: thanks for letting me know about Mattie. I can hardly imagine the two of you without a dog. I’ve been watching the path of the storm on CNN — storm slowing down a little in terms of wind speed, but still looks formidable. Hoping things are bearable over the next few days. Keep us posted as you can.

  5. Hunkered in along with 40% of Myrtle Beach area. News is better, but we’re still very watchful. Another storm quote: WAITING ON A HURRICANE IS LIKE BEING STALKED BY A TURTLE.

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