Mainstreaming Racism and White Ethno-Nationalism

I’ve long maintained that Trump supporters can’t slide by saying they like his tax cuts and conservative judges but that they really aren’t part of the racism and white ethno-nationalism that bond his most ardent voters to him like Gorilla Glue.

The mainstreaming of Trump’s longstanding feelings on race and immigration is now playing out in the Florida race for governor.

“Prepare to be shocked: One of the Trumpiest candidates in the country repeatedly spoke at a conference whose organizer believes that the “only serious race war” in this country right now is the one targeting white people.

The Post reports that Ron DeSantis, the Republican nominee in the nationally watched Florida gubernatorial race, has spoken four times at conferences organized by the David Horowitz Freedom Center. The group’s conferences have featured a parade of alt-right, white nationalist and Islamophobic heroes, as well as speakers who claim that refugees and immigrants are destroying European culture and that diversity is dumbing down America.

Horowitz himself has said that “American blacks are richer, more privileged, freer than blacks anywhere in the world, including all black run countries.” He responded to the news that a man was arrested after vowing to kill “all white police” at the White House by saying: “Meanwhile, the country’s only serious race war — against whites — continues.” DeSantis is running against Democrat Andrew Gillum, the African American mayor of Tallahassee.”

Actually no one who has listened to Trump since the beginning should be shocked. The shock, for me, is that the Republican Party is lining up right behind, with very little daylight between the party’s views and Trump’s.

Trump voters, if you’re in for the inch, you’re in for the mile. All in.

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