Klainer West: Sara and Ben Are Engaged

Sara and Ben have been a couple for a little over four years, sharing a love of travel and a willingness to navigate the fact that Ben has lived in Austin all that time and Sara in Seattle. Over the summer things fell into place: Ben moved here and will work remote, he and Sara bought a beautiful contemporary home, and they are engaged. Plans are underway for a spring destination beach wedding somewhere in the Caribbean. With their ready willingness to hop on a plane for anywhere, I’d half expected Tasmania or Timbuktu or Bali, but then, they do want the rest of us to come. πŸ™‚

I’m very happy for them, being a great fan of good marriage. I’m sure this one will be.

14 thoughts on “Klainer West: Sara and Ben Are Engaged

  1. for Ben: Thanks. It is a great thing that we are all out here, and all get along and enjoy each other’s company… and that we each have our own lives too. The balance is what makes it work.

  2. for J: Thinking of those great pics on your wall of you and M. at your wedding and honeymoon. You have a few years on Ben and Sara — wishing them the same kind of love and happiness.

  3. for Nedra: Will do. I’m very happy that Sara has met her life partner. I think Jerry would like Ben. These very joyful family moments are always tinged with sadness because Jerry isn’t part of them. He wouldn’t want that, of course. He’d want us to celebrate unabashedly.

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