God Help Us: Trump to Preside Over U.N. Security Council

Crazytown is about to overtake the world stage. Presiding over the U.N. Security Council is a rotating responsibility, and in three weeks, the responsibility of chair falls to the U.S.


Here’s where the argument of that anonymous N.Y. Times letter writer — that there are adults surrounding Trump who work to mitigate the worst effects of his shallow grasp of facts much less of complex events, his impulsivity and narcissism — fails. Trump will be there, alone in the “chair” chair, without anyone to talk over or around him. His craziness will be on full display.

God help us.

Crazytown was on display at Trump’s latest rally in Montana, where he told his supporters that if he’s impeached it will be their fault for not coming out to vote. He said nothing, mind you, about being an un-indicted co-conspirator to a crime, about taking action to obstruct justice, about lying, or about using the office of the president to enrich himself and his family. No, his being impeached, should that come to pass, is not his fault in any way — it’s the fault of his supporters.

I honestly can’t see how any emotionally healthy adult can stand to be around this man-baby who can’t take responsibility for anything. Secretary Mattis?

4 thoughts on “God Help Us: Trump to Preside Over U.N. Security Council

  1. He also told the Montana crowd that the Dems are going to take away their Social Security and Medicare benefits. Really? Thought the GOP was trying to do this.

  2. for Phyllis: What comes out of his mouth bears no relationship with reality whatsoever — even after he is corrected multiple times.

  3. We have never had such a person in Executive leadership in the US. It is unconscionable that we need to protect our nation and people from him. Everyone know his incompetence;the world watches and awaits action.

    For now it’s simply a reality TV show gone madly awry with the theme song “Send in the clowns”.

  4. for Katie: What continues to amaze me are the core supporters of Trump who seem dazzled by his white supremacy comments, his vulgarity, his lying — all of it. It’s as if the darkest elements of human nature have been held up with the words “It’s fine for me and fine for you too”, and the people who live in that darkness are thrilled.

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