Getting to Know Seattle: The London Plane

Seattle, as I’ve written about many times, is a food lover’s delight. Occidental Square, which is in the Pioneer Square section of the city south of downtown, is a bit of a hike for me now that I live on Queen Anne. But it’s near the ferry terminal where friend Julie came over from Bainbridge Island to meet me for breakfast. Voila, I was able to take the bus — although I walked home. An 8:30am breakfast date would have required me to allow 70 minutes on foot for the trip, and I just wasn’t ready to set out that early.

The London Plane was eminently worth the effort, and not just because Julie and I had a rich and deep conversation. The London Plane is a bakery whose fresh bread is to die for, a wine bar later in the day, and a restaurant with a small but unique menu. I had baked eggs, which came with fresh baked plane bread, tomatillo sauce, harissa, and urfa yogurt. Don’t ask me what those things are, I just ate them — and I’m reading off the menu online to say what they were. The combination of flavors was delicious. Julie had a fresh baked biscuit with butter and home made jam, and as she shared her biscuit, I shared my bread. Honestly, I’d go there any time of day for coffee and a biscuit or bread. Nothing more needed — although the “more” was in both our cases totally great.

I got so involved with the food I forgot to take a pic, but here’s the place.

And here’s the link; they have pic of those baked eggs under “Menus”.

None of this is ever stuff I’d make at home, and when I have a breakfast like this out — healthy, delicious, so different from what I usually eat — I wonder why I eat at home at all. 🙂 The only thing I make as well as a restaurant is Peet’s coffee, and when you begin with Peet’s and a functioning coffee maker, it’s hard to go wrong. Baked eggs with all those accompaniments? Not a chance.

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