WhoDunit Day #2

College friend and regular reader B.  proposed a new possibility for the authorship of the anonymous NY Times essay: Stephen Miller. Makes sense to me. He’s well known for trolling people he doesn’t like, going all the way back to Santa Monica high school. Hard to see what he gains if he did write the piece, as he already has free reign to institute whatever cruel immigration policies and actions strike his fancy. Maybe he just relishes the sadistic pleasure of seeing Trump enraged.

College friend and regular reader Eileen forwards another suggestion: John Huntsman, current U.S. ambassador to Russia. He’s plausible too.

What about you? Any thoughts about who the mysterious author might be?

2 thoughts on “WhoDunit Day #2

  1. We’ll eventually know whodunit…….but I hope we don’t for a good while longer. Let Trump stew and make even more of a jerk of himself, if that’s possible. I got awake to a C-SPAN broadcast of his Montana rally from last night – he was telling people that the Dems would take away their Social Security and Medicare, but that he would protect them! Isn’t that a GOP thing? Seriously, when is someone going to deal with his mental health issues?

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