Politics 2018: Who Would Run?

Earlier in the week I went to a fund-raising lunch for Dr. Kim Schrier, who is running against Republican Dino Rossi in Washington state’s 8th Congressional district. This is a longtime Republican seat that the Cook report now has at even chances of flipping, and the New York times Upshot thinks leans Democratic. Money is pouring in: Koch money to support Rossi, and combination of individual and progressive PAC donations to support Kim. They will each spend 3-4M on this race.

I’m not in the 8th District, but have given Kim the maximum allowable. She’s bright, has years of experience in health care working as a pediatrician, and even though a first time candidate, has gotten better and better in her public appearances. I support almost all of her positions, and have high hopes.

On Monday Rossi launched a vicious ad against Kim, claiming that as a pediatrician she refused to treat children on Medicaid — featuring the most unflattering picture possible of Kim in the ad. Reminds me of Trump’s attack ads about Hillary, intentionally chosen to make her look old and haggard. I’m sure Kim will have a response — a rapid one I hope, as theses negative ads seem to work with some voters — but it’s going to be a long ugly slog until the election. I hope she has thick skin, deep pockets, and that Rossi’s negative ad strikes the wrong tone with voters who are sick of tear-down politics. Hoping there are enough of us.

I’ve said to our Senator Patty Murray, another highly competent and decent person, that I’m surprised sometimes that good people are still willing to run when campaigns devolve so quickly into mudslinging. I am glad that people like Patty, and now Kim, have chosen politics as their way to make a difference.

Kim is in the front row center, seated, in the red jacket. I’m two to her right.

You’ll notice all the gray heads. I guess that only retired people can come to a mid-day fund raiser. Kim said she has a strong operation targeting millennials, and I’m hoping whatever she is doing will get out the vote.

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