OK, if we weren’t in a full blown constitutional crisis with a guy in the Oval Office who is off the rails and senior people in his administration talking their heads off to Bob Woodward about what a nut case they work for, the speculation about who wrote the letter to the New York Times would be dishy, gossipy fun.


Given what we’re dealing with as a nation, it’s not so fun. But I did read with rapt attention Chris Cillizza’s CNN piece identifying 13 people with motive and insider knowledge who might have launched the anonymous Op-Ed. Do you have a guess — from this list or any other?

I’m leaning toward Pence or Dan Coats.

Although if it was either Melania or Javanka, we have the makings of a new HBO series along the lines of Succession — almost too soap opera-ish for words.

On a more serious note, what’s remarkable to me is who is NOT speaking up on Trump’s behalf: not Pence, not the members of the Trump cabinet — except to deny that they called him a moron — not members of the National Security Council. Not Nikki Haley. Not senior Republicans in Congress, with the possible exception of Lindsey Graham. No one is saying what a competent guy Trump is. They are just protesting that they didn’t call him an idiot.

How low can this go?

2 thoughts on “WhoDunIt?

  1. Jim Geraghty,in National Review.com, (Wm. Buckley’s conservative mag.), mounts a good argument that the writer is Jon Huntsman, our (conservative) ambassador to Russia. Huntsman, a devout Mormon, starts by calling Trump “amoral”; criticizes Trump on Russia, praises John McCain, (an admired friend of his), & touts all the traditional conservative lines he has always publicly held. I would rather the “resistors” get together & use the 25th amendment to judge Trump incapable of governing.

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