Our Democracy: A Rolling Disaster

Those of us pleased with 115 years of a generally progressive trend in U.S. politics — civil rights, women’s reproductive rights, consumer protections, environmental protections, Brown v. Board of education, marriage equality for all Americans, voting rights — have vastly underestimated the stealthy political march of the 40% or so of voters who support Trump. Funded by billionaires like the libertarian Koch brothers and their network, conservatives are attempting to use a constitutional convention to roll back the clock. Here’s how close they are:

Conservatives are pushing to call an Article V convention to add a balanced-budget amendment and other ideas to the Constitution. All they need is the approval of 34 state legislatures (no governor’s signature needed) to compel Congress to call such a gathering. Right now, 28 states have passed resolutions calling for an Article V convention. That number would be 32 had Common Cause and other groups, such as the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, not successfully gotten Delaware, Maryland, New Mexico and Nevada to rescind their resolutions. Still, once the 34-state hurdle is cleared, despite pledges of a discrete, narrow focus, no one knows what could happen.”


A constitutional convention would truly bring the divide in this country to the boiling point. It’s a very dangerous move — for both sides, I suspect.

And for many of us on the progressive side of the ledger, this wasn’t even a battle we knew we were fighting.

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