My Mighty Subaru

This post is for my friend and fellow car guy Ben W., who originally connected me with the Subaru. 🙂


My Subaru Forrester, now in its ninth year although still with very low mileage, has been reliable, safe, gas efficient, and retains enough pep to roar up the steep Queen Anne hill. Now it has a new achievement, or descriptor: capacious.

Sara and fiance’ Ben S. [different Ben from above] borrowed my Forrester to leave at the airport as they went to Austin to clean out Ben’s house. They returned with 500 pounds of luggage, all of which miraculously fit into the back of the car. No, they didn’t have to drive up any of Seattle’s monster hills on their way home, but home they are — this pic is taken in their garage.

Go, Subie!!!

2 thoughts on “My Mighty Subaru

  1. The (not so) little Forester that could. 😁 I think my favorite part of this is that a car buff such as yourself has kept the same vehicle for 9 years.

  2. for Ben: I know. The thing is that I now live in a city with great public transportation and expensive downtown parking, so I drive less. I get the car detailed every year, and it still looks great. And it doesn’t yet have 33,000 miles. Soon enough, I’ll be able to forego carseats in the back in favor of boosters. That said, it is a nine year old car. I had it in to the dealer for service, and they gave me a brand new Outback, fully loaded, as a loaner. Tempting. 🙂

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