The New Bob Woodward Book

Enough excerpts of the new Bob Woodward book Fear are out there to make me rapt with attention. I went on Amazon yesterday and order a hard copy of the book. I order very few print books these days, choosing to get most things on my Kindle. But I experience a difference between reading on Kindle and holding a hard cover book in my hands, turning the actual pages. For this latest Woodward non-fiction, I want the actual book.

If half of what Woodward writes about is true — and I quite imagine a good deal more than half will be substantiated over time — we are in a heck of a mess. We have an incompetent and dangerous president. His #2, smarmy Mike Pence, is a religious nut wholly owned by the Koch brothers. Trump’s Cabinet is 90% genuine suck-ups and 10% people like Mattis who are losing influence but see themselves as the bulwark between Trump and disaster. Congressional Republicans are ineffectual and mute on Trump’s many outrages.

Even if Democrats take one or both houses of Congress in November, we have two more years of this.

I can hardly imagine.

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