Getting to Know Seattle: Green Lake Labor Day Weekend

Seattle is enjoying a gorgeous Labor Day weekend — sunny, warm-ish, lots of inviting activities outdoors. The temperatures are not quite hot enough for me, low 70’s, but longtime Seattle-ites think anything above 72 degrees is sweltering. This weekend is a decent compromise.

Green Lake is getting ready to button up for fall, which means lifeguards are only on the two beaches through this weekend. After that people swim at their own risk. The kayak and paddle board rental stays open a little longer. The clunky blue boats that you propel with pedals like riding a bike are rented there as well. The small coffee shop is open all year round. The walking/jogging path that surrounds the lake is heavily used year round — people even walk in the rain.

People can and do swim across the lake, even though the water remains pretty cold all through the summer. Lots of swimmers who do, like the one you see below, trail a buoy so they can be seen by paddle boarders and kayakers or by people on shore if the swimmer cramps up — a safety thing, I assume. This is a serious swim. Kayaking around the lake takes me about an hour, so I have no real idea how long a straight shot swim might take.

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Green Lake Labor Day Weekend

  1. What a beautiful lake. It’s been warm and sunny in NYC this Labor Day Weekend. Still quite humid and air conditioning is needed. The cicadas are singing their “end of summer songs.”

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