The Monkey Remark

There’s nothing “dog whistle” or remotely subtle about the blatantly racist remark made by Republican candidate for Florida governor Ron DeSantis about his black Democratic opponent, Andrew Gillum. As Gillum said on CNN in response to a Fox commentator who demanded to know if “monkey this up” wasn’t just a figure of speech, Trump supporters are now using a bullhorn to proclaim their disdain for black candidates.

Here’s my challenge to Trump supporters: your guy is proudly racist, from his “shithole” countries remark about immigrants from African countries to his certainty that brown people coming from Central America are rapists and murderers to his pathological need to overturn everything President Obama has done in an attempt to make his time in the White House illegitimate. Trump supporters, why not stand fully with your guy and acknowledge your racism too — be as loud and proud about it as he is. No more of this dog whistle stuff. You’re putting it right out there anyway, so claim it. No more having some spokesperson say “Oh he couldn’t have possibly meant that his opponent should be seen as a monkey. Our guy meant something else.” No, he didn’t. Nor does Trump. And you?


2 thoughts on “The Monkey Remark

  1. That and “articulate” “performs well” – code words used by racists to demean black people! All DeSantis had to say was that he didn’t mean it that way and that he was sorry if it offended anyone. But, no. He is digging in just like his hero, DJT!

  2. for Ada: The inability to say “sorry” about anything is characteristic of a narcissist. My mother never said “sorry” about anything, large or small, in all of her 92 years. Quite remarkable.

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