Attacks on the Vulnerable

Trump and his acolytes seem intent on further inflicting pain on the vulnerable — the classic actions of bullies.

Under the direction of the cynical and cruel immigration czar Stephen Miller, Hispanic American citizens at the Texas border are being denied legitimate passports, in some cases being put into deportation proceedings, over bogus claims that their birth certificates were falsified. How can the Trump administration get away with this? They are directing their attack on people without the financial means to hire attorneys to fight back.

Under the direction of the equally cynical and cruel Jared Kushner, the Trump administration is unilaterally declaring that the Palestinian right of return is null and void for most Palestinian refugees. Further, the Trump administration is entirely cutting funding to the U.N. agency called UNRWA, which provides food aid, education for children, health care, and micro-loans to 5 million Palestinian refugees in camps in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, the Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem. How can the Trump administration get away with this? Again, they are directing their attack on poor and vulnerable people without the means to fight for their legitimate rights.

Here is what the Guardian of London thinks of the Trump administration’s latest moves:

Since Israel was created in 1948 the United States has been the region’s crucial actor. US presidents have brokered peace deals, provided Israel with security guarantees and the Palestinians with reassurance that they have not been abandoned. Washington stood ready to douse a fire if the dry tinder of rage and discontent in the Holy Land burst into flames. Donald Trump, however, appears more arsonist than firefighter.”

The Trump administration is creating enormous damage at home and around the world. I have no idea how we mitigate the damage, much less how we begin to rebuild once this arrogant narcissist is gone from public life.

4 thoughts on “Attacks on the Vulnerable

  1. Just heard Madeline Albright being interviewed about her international experiences and her new book on facism. I think it’s time to read it!

  2. for Phyllis: I’ve read other books of hers. She is a fine writer and observer of the global scene. I think I’ll look it up too.

  3. We are in trying times. The cynical and cruel leaders continues to rain terror on many groups of vulnerable people, including our own American citizens. Republican leaders have to see it. John McCain did. When and how will this end??

    Kathleen Capitulo PhD RN FAAN IIWCC

  4. for Katie: I don’t think any of us knows. Even after Trump, there are the 40+% of voters who apparently think like he does. What do we do about them?

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