The Other Catholic Church Scandal

The Catholic Church in which I was raised is in turmoil as the pedophilia scandal involving the misdeeds of priests around the world surges and swirls like a bad tide that simply will not go away. But there is the Other Catholic Church Scandal, the one hinted at in the 2002 film The Magdalene Sisters. That film, which I called a horror story when I first saw it, has to do with abuse at the hands of nuns. Young Irish girls were imprisoned and abused in laundries run by an order of nuns called the Magdalenes. Many of the girls were unwed mothers; their babies were sold off, mostly to rich American Catholics who traveled to Ireland to purchase a baby.

Here’s the American version of that horror story, one that played out in Catholic orphanages run by nuns. This is a long read, but do honor to the memory of the thousands of victims by taking the time to read it.  The story is stomach-churning.

I really don’t see how the Catholic Church, wealthy and powerful though it is, survives in anything like its current form after a double whammy like this.

2 thoughts on “The Other Catholic Church Scandal

  1. This was very hard to read and I felt physically sick after doing so. It makes me ashamed of being a Catholic.

  2. for Linda: I had a strong reaction as well. You know that if such things happened in one Catholic orphanage, they happened in a lot. Yet another deeply shameful history for which the Church needs to account.

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