How Much Hotter is Your Home Town?

Friend and regular reader Linda wondered in a comment yesterday how many of my readers think about climate change. Her question made me realize anew that I don’t write about it much. I could do more.

Here’s an interesting interactive piece that allows you to enter the name of the city/town where you were born, and the year of your birth. The records only go back to 1960, but you’ll get a graph of how many 90 degree days there were then and now. My hometown of Kearny, NJ, for example, had an average of 8 ninety degree days in 1960 [I was born in 1945], and has an average of 11 now. By the end of the century there could be 30 days a year on average at or above 90 degrees.

Areas of the world that are already hot may become uninhabitable. And cities, like Montreal, where excess heat is not the norm and so homes and commercial buildings are not air conditioned, will suffer more than Phoenix, which is already prepared for withering heat.

We now have the data to track warming of the planet. Our descendants, coping with the environmental damage we’ve wrought, won’t be able to say we didn’t know.

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