Conspiracy Theorists and John McCain

Conspiracy theorist who are peddling the notion that John McCain’s glioblastoma was a fake belong in the same gutter as Alex Jones claiming that Sandy Hook was a hoax and the children are not really dead. We’ve always had crazies. We’ve just never had a president who egged them on and gave them a platform.

Jeffrey Toobin has a New Yorker review of a new book that digs deeply into the damage being done by right wing media. There’s no equivalency between “two camps”: the Fox News crowd and the CNN crowd. There’s a group of voters who look to Fox News and other right wing sources to have their biases confirmed, and there are the rest of us who want actual, substantive, factual news.

Any decent person who watched news clips of Cindy McCain and her family following the casket of Senator McCain as it was placed in the Arizona state house for viewing by the Senator’s constituents would see the family’s raw grief. Calling Senator McCain’s suffering and death a fake is simply beyond the pale of anything remotely resembling decency.

6 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theorists and John McCain

  1. Where is our Joseph Nye Welch, whose comment is often seen as a turning point against McCarthyism, when he said, during the Army-McCarthy hearings, “At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

  2. Watched whole things. Decency was the bottom line. McCain was a decent man and those who spoke all mentioned decency – and the lack thereof today. I am afraid things will just go back to the “new normal” after he is buried here in Annapolis tomorrow.

  3. for Ada: I’m hoping not. The Welch “at the end of the day, sir, have you no decency?” didn’t bring down McCarthy on the spot… it took several months. As I said, I’m hoping…

  4. for Ada: It is. I read a piece that said if things in our democracy could turn so ugly and fall so far so fast, what did we really believe? That thought made me saddest of all.

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