Walking in Your Own Neighborhood

I suggested to readers that you might want to walk in your own neighborhood, and see what you find interesting. The first one to take me up on the challenge and share a pic and her thoughts is daughter-in-law Amy’s Aunt Joyce, who lives in Iowa. Joyce worked as a media specialist in the public schools of her community, and is a strong advocate of public education.

“As folks celebrate their tax break I hope they realize public services will take a hit..public schools, public libraries, public works departments of cities.  In our neighborhood our school will be closing at the end of the 2018-2019 school year as per a vote at an early August board meeting.  This picture shows a sign many neighbors have posted in their lawns.

The school was built in 1949 and had a major remodel in 1999.  Minor updates have occurred since then.  It is a small school in an older neighborhood with a student ratio of 16:1. Seems ideal to me. While there is a steady population at the school the growth is not in this part of the city. I understand that poses a dilemma for the district. After this school year the students will be combined with the kids in another school which is not in walking distance. 

 Oh yes, the district is presenting a $63 million dollar bond issue to the voters for “projects” in December.   If this goes through part of the money will go toward building a new school for this combined group of students.

Where does the premier label come from?  For years premier city has been on the welcoming signs.  Actually it is a very fine city in my eyes.”

Thank you, Joyce, for sharing your community with us, and your thoughts. Anyone else? Weekend coming up … good time for a walk. 🙂

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