Trying to Save the Children

The Taliban aren’t the only ones who recruit children and turn them into warriors for the cause. ISIS does it too. So, for that matter, do the gun nuts of the crazy right wing survivalist fringe in the United States who dress their children in cammo and teach them to shoot automatic weapons when they should be throwing baseballs.

But this article about Afghanistan trying to save its young men from the perversion of thinking that killing in the name of jihad is moral and right touched me deeply.

These boys were converted, radicalized, over a long period by their Taliban captors. Most of the boys have successfully carried out bombings that actually killed people. The current Afghani government is trying to convert them back — with resources that can serve only a fraction of those who need help to re-enter society. They are treating the boys as victims, not as killers.

I want to have hope that these efforts succeed. Don’t you?

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