Serena’s Tennis Attire

Serena Williams is a big, imposing, physically strong woman who plays professional tennis. She is also a fashionista, most recently wearing a skin tight black body suit onto the court to play tennis at the French Open. Not so fast, said the pooh-bahs in charge of the U.S. Open. No bodysuits allowed. Ms. Williams would have to take the court wearing appropriate tennis attire.

Remember the Billie Jean King era, when “appropriate attire” meant demure little white skirts and modest white blouses with sleeves and collars? Even the great Billie Jean is chiding the officials at the U.S. Open, saying it’s long past time for officials to stop policing women’s bodies.

How did Serena respond? Rather than make a stink, she simply appeared on court in an abbreviated black body suit complete with a black tutu. 🙂 You’ll find a pic in the link below.

I doubt the tutu was what the U.S. Open officials had in mind.

Go, Serena! Great response. 🙂


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