6 thoughts on “Don’t Believe in Global Warming?

  1. We now talk about “it” as climate change. What we are seeing worldwide is extremes in all kinds of weather. Rain and storms–excessive, heat-excessive, insects-excessive etc. It is not a good picture for a continuing quality of life. I wonder how many of your readers think about the issue.

    Our legislators need to hear that this is our priority issue, if they are not smart enough to know on their own—and apparently not so much.

  2. Nice to know. The latest storm is being tracked minute by minute, but not a word about why these monstrous storms are happening.

    It’s real, it’s us, it’s serious, and we CAN do something about it!!

  3. for Linda: I am especially interested that the North Carolina legislature voted to preclude consideration of global warming and its effect on the coastline so that development could proceed apace. Paying the cost now.

  4. for Linda: Just sent you a link to 2012 article describing what the NC legislature did. If you don’t want to look at something, vote it out of existence. Paying the piper now, I’d say.

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