Un-Friending Trump

Friend and regular reader Phyllis sent me an article about Trump being persona-non-grata in many places that traditionally would call upon the ceremonial duties of the American presidency — like the Barbara Bush and John McCain funerals.

Given Trump’s pathetic need to be the center of attention, I can well understand why people don’t want him around. I wouldn’t either.

Just as an aside, can you imagine Trump getting anything like the worldwide outpouring of respect that is now filling the airways for John McCain? McCain deserves every bit of it, although not the crazy conspiracy theories now popping up on right wing media. I won’t dignify the crazies by quoting them here, but you have to wonder if these people really believe what they fling into the media universe or if they are just competing to see who can win some sort of informal crazy competition?


Trump is often unwelcome, and un-invited, to places where a presidential presence would have been an honor. I’m reminded how much I miss the public presence of the Obamas: the rich cultural life they brought to the American people through White House events, the sense of First Family they created and shared with us, the dignity with which they represented the United States abroad. Toward the end of the Obama presidency, Michelle Obama went to Africa with Meryl Streep and others to support the education of young girls. The trip was filmed as a documentary, and it was inspiring and hopeful and wonderful to see.

Now we’re stuck with a petty narcissist, and nobody even wants him around — except for his MAGA wearing adoring reality TV presidency fans. Pathetic.

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