Take a Walk in Your Neighborhood

The sense of neighborliness has certainly changed. We live in a world of increased mobility, where neighbors come and go. Almost everyone goes out to work and women aren’t available for morning coffee-klatches, a term younger readers of the blog probably don’t even know . People hire things done instead of going next door to borrow a tool.

But I imagine many of us still feel as if we live in a neighborhood, albeit sometimes a vertical one.

Looking at my pic of pumpkins growing along my walk to the gym, and hearing my mention of chickens, friend and regular reader Katie commented that all of these things make a neighborhood more interesting. That they do.

Here’s another point of interest: a pocket pond constructed in a neighbor’s small front yard.

I have a thought, an invitation, a challenge. Take a walk in your neighborhood over the next several days. Find something interesting, take a pick and send it to me. With your permission, I’ll post.

I’d like to see what makes your neighborhood interesting. 🙂

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