Abortion at Home: Going Back to An Earlier Era

In some ways I regret that we are going back to an earlier era, in which women took our reproductive care into our own hands. But it’s foolish to put our heads in the sand. No matter what Brett Kavanaugh says to assuage the doubts of Senator Susan Collins, reproductive freedom is on the chopping  block. In that sense, I’m proud that women are going back to an earlier era, when abortion was a home procedure — safe, supportive, and cheap — before the AMA made it the province of mostly male physicians and before opposition to a woman’s right to control her own body became a rallying cry for the religious right.

This Guardian article gives a great history surrounding this medical procedure, and offers hope for the future based on the resilience of women. A pregnant woman who doesn’t want to be a mother shouldn’t have to scout around to find one of these underground providers, but as women do so well, word will get around, the movement will grow, and women will find the help they need. Pence el al will bluster and threaten and try to pass ever more restrictive and punitive laws — which Trump will go along with to please his base — and women will quietly and competently go about our lives.


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