Oscar Race Underway

I do like going to the movies — even though we all have access to a lot of films now on TV in our own homes — and I enjoy the Oscars more when I’ve seen all or most of the contenders.

But I’m surprised to know that the Oscar race begins almost as soon as the fall film season begins.  I’m excited to see the new Lady Gaga film, A Star is Born, which is opening here in Seattle in a few weeks. But I hate to think that as an early contender, support for the film might peak too soon. Ditto for Saoirse Ronan in Mary Queen of Scots.

By the way, I saw an online clip of Ronan on the Ellen Degeneres Show explaining how to pronounce Saoirse [it’s Ser-sha, rhyming with inertia]. Ronan has quite the Irish accent, which she completely over-rode in Lady Bird in order to play an American teenager growing up in California. Seems to me that takes enormous skill. Henry Kissinger has never lost his highly German-accented English, even though he’s been in this country for most of his life. But then, he’s not an actor and probably wasn’t trying.

The film season is far too new for me to have any favorites, although I did love Constance Wu in Crazy Rich Asians.

As the new films roll out I’ll be there — have plans to attend the new Spike Lee film, on the strong recommendation of Rochester friend Ellen — in the theater. That’s my preferred setting, even though I don’t even eat popcorn.


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