More on the Vigano Letter

Friend and regular reader Eileen, a college classmate, clarified that Archbishop Vigano’ is part of the conservative faction in the Vatican, those who are strongly opposed to Pope Francis, and therefore a cleric with an axe to grind. Friend and regular reader Ada sent me articles saying the same.

I found one piece on my own that called the Vigano’ letter the first salvo in an attempted coup against Pope Francis.

My but the old men at the Vatican play rough.

6 thoughts on “More on the Vigano Letter

  1. for Ada: There’s a good opinion piece out by E.J. Dionne saying how hard it is to remain a faithful and practicing Catholic. I’m sure that must be true.

  2. Yes. We get the Post, so I read it this morning. I feel for people like him. I gave up the church a long time ago, not so much for institutional problems, but theological ones.

  3. Sadly, the “rough play” is part of the clerics’ culture, trying hard to maintain power and a medieval structure excluding women & LGBTQ , yet protecting pedophiles. As a Catholic, I have witnessed the dramatic decline of church attendance in the past decade. The Church needs to be “re-engineered.” Even the British monarchy modernized and accepts women in the royal line of succession and women in the priesthood. Leaders of the Catholic Church are so focused on “cove-ups” they fail to see what’s happening and lack the courage to make the desperately needed changes.

  4. for Ada: My exit was for theological reasons too. And I do think it’s hard for those Catholics still trying to make it work. I know a few, but not many.

  5. for Katie: What’s going on is really quite brutal — interesting to see if the conservative wing can bring Pope Francis down. I can’t imagine what they do with this pedophilia scandal going forward. If they really call to account all the people who covered sexual abuse up, the hierarchy will be decimated. I feel for the pedophilia victims, but am even more affected by the cruelty in the mother and baby homes. I think the 800 little ones in the mother and baby home in Tuam who died and were thrown into the septic system likely died of malnutrition, lack of medicine, and perhaps physical abuse. Shocking and horrifying.

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