Getting to Know Seattle: WNBA Championships

I rarely if ever watch four hours of TV in a day, much less consecutively. But the WNBA championships are on, and there were two semi-final games on Sunday, one right after the other. One was here in Seattle, the Storm against the Phoenix Mercury. I watched from home. I used to be season ticket holder and went to Key Arena for live games, but got frustrated after 2010 when the Storm had one lousy season after another. They are back with a vengeance this season, and could well win the championship. They won game one of their semi-final against Phoenix yesterday.

The WNBA is holding its own, even though women’s teams in general earn a fraction of comparable men’s teams. Professional women basketball players often play overseas during the off season, where the best of them earn more than 1M. The top salary in the WNBA is $110,000.

Women basketball players have all the challenges of any young working woman — like pregnancy. DeWanna Bonner and her partner, Candace Dupree, had twin girls a year ago — DeWanna was the birth mother. Both women played this season; DeWanna is with the Mercury and contending for the championship. Candace, who plays for the Indiana Fever, stayed home for the playoffs with the little girls. The Fever did not make the playoffs cut.

DeWanna often gets compared to some of the best male players in the NBA, and it reminds me of what they used to say about ballroom dancers Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. He was the better known and surely the higher paid. She did everything he did, backwards and in high heels.

Still happening, I’d say.

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