Death of John McCain

John McCain belonged to a Republican party that valued courage, character, integrity, and truth. Arguably his unfortunate choice of Sarah Palin helped turn the party to its current fascination with grifters and cons, liars and buffoons. In some ways what became of his party had to test McCain’s soul as deeply as he was tested as a young Navy pilot, when he was shot down, injured, tortured, and imprisoned by the VietNamese. Imagine, for a man like John McCain, having to look at the Oval Office and seeing, behind the resolute desk, draft evader Donald Trump.

Bone spurs, anyone? Trump started his duplicitous career early in life, learning from his father and Roy Cohn.

I never vote for John McCain, but I respected him. CNN has been replaying the clip where, during his presidential race against Barack Obama, McCain corrected a woman who said she feared Obama, thought he was an Arab. “No, ma’am” said McCain. Now the conspiracy theories come right from the Oval Office itself.

McCain was an honorable person, a man who valued and respected public service, a senator who served with courage and distinction. We won’t see the likes of him any time soon from today’s Republican party.

This is a really long article in Rolling Stone magazine about McCain, 25,000 words. But near the beginning is a graphic description of what he went through in the Hanoi Hilton, which brought to life the dry facts of McCain’s being shot down and imprisoned. Even if you only read that, you’ll think more of the man. And less of Trump, who even after the death of John McCain can’t bring himself to call the man a hero.

2 thoughts on “Death of John McCain

  1. for Katie: I was glad to see that Trump was not invited, and that both former Presidents Obama and Bush are. Good for McCain, having the last word.

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