Conscious Aging: This and That

If you live long enough, stuff happens. I just went for my annual wellness checkup and while I’m in excellent health for the most part, I have this and that slightly off. I had to increase my blood pressure meds. I have one blood reading slightly elevated — my red blood cells are a tad too big. That required more blood work to test my folate levels, B12, and thyroid functioning. And, I have to go get a slow growing cataract in my right eye evaluated. I don’t need surgery tomorrow, but I’ll need it in the foreseeable future.

Sigh. I can hardly whine about any of these things, as I have friends and family who are coping with much more serious and potentially life-threatening issues. And, my “this and that” are mostly a function of age. I should be grateful to have lived so long that these slight tics in my overall good health have had time to emerge.

I keep exercising, which I consider a cure for all things. But obviously it’s not, as the medical world intervenes more in trying to keep my daily life in good balance.

4 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: This and That

  1. Sorry about this and that. I know you read “Being Mortal.” Remember chapter 2? Things Fall Apart! It doesn’t discourage taking good care of yourself (healthy diet, exercise, no smoking, moderate, if you have to, drinking). However, even if you have “followed all the rules,” you can’t get away from the aging process. Oh, well!

  2. for Ada: You are exactly right. 🙂 Have been interested in the new study that says there is no safe level of alcohol consumption, since I enjoy a late afternoon glass of wine most days. Am re-evaluating that. There are so many things I don’t consume much any more, like chocolate chip cookies and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and steak and dishes loaded with melted cheese. Hate to add that glass of wine to the list, but…

  3. All things in moderation. Read more about the wine thing today. Concern is for people in their 20’s who think there would be no long term effects from 1 or 2 drinks a day. This study is saying there might be. But for people already in their 70’s, damage, if any, has been done. I plan to continue my glass of wine with dinner and I think you should enjoy that late afternoon glass of wine, too!

  4. for Ada: Reading your comment as I have my late afternoon glass of wine. I am careful to have just one glass, as I believe the articles that say more than one is too much for women’s bodies and our metabolism. But I do enjoy that one. Cheers as you enjoy yours with dinner. I think you’re right: if there’s damage, it’s done. And now, all things in moderation seems the way to go.

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