Havana Harbor

My sister and brother-in-law just went on a Holland America cruise to Cuba, and Ron sent this pic of sailing into Havana harbor. If you’ve been to Puerto Rico, this fort reminds me a great deal of El Morro, the fort you see when coming into the harbor there.

They had a wonderful time: rode around in a pink Olds convertible of 1950’s vintage, went to the late show at the Tropicana night club, saw the Hotel Nacionale where Meyer Lansky and his Mafia crew held court, heard a chamber music concert and a modern dance recital, and enjoyed the French colonial architecture in the city of Cienfuegos. They found the people warm and welcoming, the rum fantastic, and were impressed by the Cubans’ openness to discussing the strengths and weaknesses of their country. Literacy is universal, as is health care. English is taught in grade school, and widely spoken.

The Cubans don’t understand why Trump is trying to shut down relations between our two countries, which newly flourished under the Obama administration. I have to admit neither do I.

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