Trump in a Frenzy

I don’t read Trump’s incoherent and badly spelled tweets; I just notice their frequency and tone. The guy is in a frenzy. I think he simply can’t stand the feeling of not being in control — it sends his anxiety through the roof. And much right now is not in his control, including what Don McGahn said to the Mueller team, whether or not Manafort’s  conviction on eight counts will come back to haunt Trump himself, and whether the charges  to which Michael Cohen pleaded guilty will have repercussions.

Our president has now been accused by an admitted felon of having broken a federal law. That’s big.

Despite his best efforts, Trump has been unable to draw Mueller into a public battle over the investigation. That might be what frustrates Trump the most. He can’t get Mueller to bite. Trump must feel as if he’s punching a ghost.

Trump seems to me to be pretty close to unhinged. Republicans are loathe to do anything to upset the base, but will they really stand by while an unhinged president continues to careen wildly through the nation’s highest office?

So much is riding on those November elections.

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