Commentators on CNN

I recognize that CNN can’t have all commentators who are critical of Trump. If we criticize Fox News for being an echo chamber, we can’t do the same thing on the progressive side and only listen to those voices we want to hear. But there are voices, and then there are voices.

I don’t agree with Rick Santorum on much, but he can put together a coherent sentence and show some nuance in making an argument. The same is true of S.E. Cupp. Paris Dennard, on the other hand, twists himself into absolute contortions trying to defend anything Trump says or does. So does KellyAnne Conway, although she’s on CNN less these days. So does Sarah Sanders, which makes me wonder why the White House reporters bother to attend her briefings. So does Rudy Guliani, who debases himself every time he opens his mouth on cable TV.

The latter four, and anyone else who defines his or her role as defending Trump regardless of how vile his behavior or invective, are useless as far as I’m concerned. I usually get up and do something else for the moments that they are on.  I wish Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper and the others who host people talking on air would stick to those who actually have something to say.

The clip that prompts this post was Paris Dennard on Anderson Cooper 360 explaining away, or trying to, why it was perfectly fine for Mr. I-had-bone-spurs-so-couldn’t-serve-in-the-military to equate VietNam era war hero Robert Mueller with McCarthyism, and to blast much of the intelligence community leadership over the past several decades as not worthy of respect. Honestly Paris, it’s time to give your commentator career a rest.

2 thoughts on “Commentators on CNN

  1. I alternate between MSNBC and CNN. I think they both think they need to have some balance of opinion. But I too walk away when certain people are on. I refuse to listen to anything Rudy has to say anymore….he’s just vile and off the wall. Shame on what he has become.

  2. for Phyllis: I think many of us are surprised at Rudy Guliani. Far cry from “Mr. Mayor”. He is vile, and his “truth isn’t truth” is bizarre.

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